Malaysia & Bali

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Roopal: Thanks for sharing! Lotus pond is super -taken from the right place. Also liked Swarup at the little shop -reminded me of shopping for jackets! :-)

Soma: wow!!! Like that resort mall idea. Been to KL many years ago...its obviously gotten superduper fantastic now! Fantastic pics Harsh!!

Judy, Canada:   Harsh, I think your calling should have been tour guide and photographer for a big company or even your own company. I feel if I could travel and had the money your photos make me want to go for the adventures also. You show the heart of the trip in  excellent pictures. I really enjoyed them.

Suchit: Nice pictures considering how little time you must have had. Did you go up the Twin Towers to the bridge?
I liked the (last) shot of the hotel & the canals and the rooms look great too. Thanks for sharing. 

No we did not go up there as you have to queue at 7 AM to go up to the bridge in the Twin Towers. I think it's better to go up the KL Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur) as you can go much higher and get a fab view.  

Suchit: "I think I just ripped my pants!"
Oh really??? Let me see... Hmmm ...
Just so that you don't feel left out, let me do the same...:-D  [Zafar dancing with Mark]

Soma: the last one is lovely! :) -soma [she is referring to me dancing with Swarup at Langkawi!]

Suchit: Ahhh the lovely couple. It was hot out there Harsh isn't it?
Or was it the slow dance. :)

How about both?? ;-)

Suchit: Ahhh that was close...[Eagle taking off at Mangroves]

Suchit: Have you seen my cap... only problem is that it keeps slipping away or should I say swimming away. :) [man at fish farm]

Rashmi, USA: Very nice!

Suchit: What a nice capture of such a pretty girl. She looks so happy and comfortable with you as a photographer and that shows in the image. Nice work. [Chandani in brown-gold dress]

Suchit: Another very nice capture. I'm sure the family loves this image. If you rotate the image a tiny bit CCW and crop the top line out, then print in large size and frame it maybe on canvas, then it can easily be "the one central picture" hanging in their house. All three look so happy in there. Good work. [Chandani with parents]

Suchit: It was nice to see the images and share in the happiness. Some tough lighting conditions but good candid shots. Great to see some familiar faces. [Lighter - wilder moments]