Ramnik kaka's photographs 

Youngest of five brothers, Ramnik kaka shot many photographs with his Rollieflex and View Master cameras.
Family snap-shots, travel, functions etc and won a few prizes in local & international competetions.
Obviously, Ramnik kaka was a major influence in my interest in photography.

There are thousands of negatives & prints to be scanned so do keep on visiting to check for updates.
I can keep you informed if you send me your email address.

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Someone tried to use a few pictures without permission so I have had to put password protection on the galleries.
 I am sorry for the inconvenience but can't be helped.
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Bombay  updated 5th October 07
Chamanlal Javeri family 9th October 07
Anubhai Javeri family 05 December 2007
Nagersheth family coming up soon
Lalbhai Family coming up soon

Shrenik Lalbhai family

coming up soon


Nepal October 1966 with Shrenikbhai family
Khandala Summer holiday
Mahabaleshwar 1958 with Shrenikbhai family
Mahabaleshwar 1958-59 with family
Republic day 1954 & 1958  
Mahabaleshwar Dec 1960 Javeri family and Mamata
Mahabaleshwar Oct  1961 Shrenikbhai family + Kasturbhai, Ajay (Minoo) bhai's family & Harsh
Ajanta & Ellora Oct-Nov 1959 update 20th September 07
Picnics at Vihar Pawai