Mumbai Marathon 2007

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24th January - The Delhi edition of Asian Age carried the same story BUT due to some goof up they gave the article by-line to Swarup! That created a bit of confusion but it really does not matter, as long as it's all in the family: Vini participated, I took the photographs and Swarup "wrote" the article! And... Jay helped with moral support and file transfers!

Special thanks to Lakshmi for making this possible!





You've brought out the dignity of being human & the spirit of the event.

Sharad (thru SMS)


What wonderful, uplifting images of the power of belief in one's self.  Thanks so much for sharing them with me.  You are blessed indeed.
"I wish you enough!"
Bob Perks is a professional speaker, author, and vocalist.


What a visual feast! The gorgeous pictures of your country made me want to jump on a flight! So many questions and ohhhhs and ahhhhhhs!

And then on to the marathon. Wow. Now these pictures filled me with hope, pride and sheer joy! The energy and the enthusiasm...outstanding! An inspiration and a spirit lifter for all.



Hershy, I don't call that a small article. When it takes up half the front page, includes pictures and it carries your own by-line, that, my friend, is a big article and a big deal.

The article was very informative and extremely well written.

Congrats to you and Vinnie...



Greetings to you Harsh Javeri and daughter Vinati,
I heard about Marathon 2007 from Hershey's Prose and Poems.

What a great effort. All who took part were winners, no losers. I also went to Om Creations where Vinati works. Blessings and praise to Om Creations.

I am based in Pretoria, South Africa and I am part of an organization helping people that suffer from Bipolar illness and Schizophrenia. Every organization is looking for funding and everybody makes similar beautiful objects.

Peace in your world,

Michael Singmin
South Africa


Dear Harsh Bhai,

The pictures you clicked and the article touched the innermost core of my heart. A true spirit of humanity and national integrity.

'BRAVO'- Vinati, keep up the enthu.

SURE- you would certainly rrrrrrrrrrr uu nnnnnnn next year too.

My congratulatons to all of you.



Hi Hershy,
congratulations to a wonderful article and to Vinati for doing an excellent job in finishing the race!
Way to go Vianti!
Best wishes, always,

Gundi Sloman




Hi we are just reading Swaroop's article on Vinati at the marathon. What great parents both of you are ! Give our love to Vinati.

Lots of love

Methoo & Zaki


Hi! Harsh & Swaroop

Must make you feel real proud .
Makes us proud just knowing the family.
Maybe you now need to dedicate your site to Vinati or at least make her page your home page and all else in the background

Congratulations to Vinati and all of you .
Well done Vinati.

Chetan Rama & Anuj.


Dear Vinati, Hi!

Congratulations from all of us in LA for completing the Bombay Marathon. We are all so proud of you.

Keep up the good work.

Ashok, Avi & Nina.


Thanks for this, Harsh. I enjoyed reading about it. Do congratulate Vini on my behalf. I don't think she'd know me at all, otherwise I'd have adressed my congrats directly to her.Another friend of mine also took part in the wheelchair race, a lady called Shanoor Forbes who has been paralysed from the neck down since 1986 after a riding accident.



Dear Hershy,

My deepest compliments to you for your sharing of your pictures with us here in our fancy U.S. I extend to you and your beautiful family love and constant respect for your sense of humor and the love that you have shown us by way of your sharing.

You are a true gentleman, scholar, and a loving soul.
With much respect,
Paul H. Schkurman
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA



Vini truely looks as if she is thoroughly enjoying herself and Ranju looks cute and your article reads great!!!!



Vinis enthusiasm and achievements will never cease to amaze me. At home she is a gentle and caring hostess on the field a spirited participant. Congrats Vini keep it up.



Tell Vini this wheelchair-cohort says way to go!

Karyn Hughes



The article read very well.

And your pictures of the event were very nice too. It was as if we were part of the journey.

Thanks for sharing.

Give a big hug to Vinie from us.

~ Anu & Suchit


Hi Harsh,

Looks like it was a kicking event. Hope you had a good time.

A good day to you from United Kingdom. See you soon

London, UK


Congratulations. Please wish Vinati from all of us. Looking forward to seeing her next year.

Parvez Diwan


Hi! I like the new look of your page and is also easily navigable.

The snaps were great.... Does Bombay actually look this clean or was it only for that day or was it your shooting!!!! But seriously the snaps were good wish you could have captured Vini and the aged citizens in one frame.




Fantastically written....brought tears to my eyes! :)



Good for you Vini. Great event and great photos.
Judy from Canada


Hi! Harsh,

Lovely article. Was extremely happy to see Vini in the photo too. I am sure she must have enjoyed the whole event. Will speak to her but do give her hug on my behalf.


Hey Vini,
Great Job!!! I wish I had known... I was there too as Samir ran the 7  kms .
Will see you soon.


Hi there
Just read the article - it's touching & brilliant - was it extempore or did you run through it earlier - - - -
In any case it is a commendable effort!!!

Also, CONGRATS  to Vini for her enthusiasm & team spirit !!!!!

Hoping to see you soon



Just read the article and saw Vinatis photo. Really enjoyed reading about the experience. Congrats to Vinati for the feat.

Kamal. (thru SMS)


yayy! Congrats to you and V :)



Glad to read!

Hugs for Vinni!





I am so glad that everything went so well at the marathon.  It looks like it was a very joyous event.  wishing you every joy,



Excellent work of photography!!
Must congratulate the parents along with Vini for creating & developing the ZEST to live a normal life.
The LITTLE LADY is oozing  confidence.!!!!
warm regards,


Wow Vinati well done......


Hi Harsh

Please do congratulate her on my behalf for completing it - it's such a thrill. I think she showed a lot more spirit than most of my office colleagues.



Dear Harsh,

As usual very informative & lovely pictures. keep them coming.




Wow Vini, Well done....
Keep it Up!!




hi harshbhai,

loved the article..congratulate vinnie from me and give her a big hug



A marathon. Wow, that's pretty impressive! We have a Special Olympics here in the United States and the Olympians always look as if they're having just as much fun as the folks in your photos. I'll be sure to show the pictures to the students in my class tomorrow. They'll enjoy them as much as I have. I especially loved the slide show. Thanks for sharing your joy with me.



Congratulations to all the winners, and you are ALL winners!



Congrats vini! Next year we shall WALK together in the marathon, no wheelchair. I admire your spirit.
harsh, your article brings out the spirit and flavour of the great mumbai marathon.




Sanjeev Trivedi